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I am trying to get my webcam working under linux. Here you'll find things related to this attempt.

The webcam

It is a Trust Spacec@m 120. The USB Vendor Id is 0x0c45 and the Product Id is 0x600d. As you can see (even if the chipset inscription are hidden ) on the pics of the webcam, the bridge chipset is a Sonix SN9C101. This chipset can be used used with different CIF CMOS sensors. I didn't find which one is in the webcam (even if I believe it to be a Pixart PAS106B or maybe A TAS501, anyway, the datasheet for those sensors are not available so...). I didn't find the datasheet for the sn9c101 chipset, but I supposed it was very close to the sn9c102 chipset.

Here are the pictures of my webcam (The pics are not here yet)

  • The webcam
  • The sonix chipset
  • The CMOS sensor


    Pictures taken with the driver:

    The first pictures:
    The very first picture
    Stroeffel, my troll:
    Stroeffel, my troll
    Mr Pingus:
    Mr Pingus
    Mr Pingus, but this time I did really basic "interpolation" to have a 352x288 picture:
    Mr Pingus

    As you can see, the colors are somewhat strange. It is probably due to the bad luminosity in my room (except for the first one, it was an error in the green gain register ). You can also see the dead pixels on the sensor.

    Update !! (04/13/2004)

    Until now, the webcam was capturing pictures at a very slow framerate (about 1.5 fps). I managed to get it work at 8fps (yeepee!!) by tweaking the registers of the cmos sensor. It is now nearly usable. The problem is now that the brightness of the picture is very low, and i didn't find a way to get it back to normal. I'll work on it next days. I will then just need to do some cleaning of the code, check if it works against a 2.6.5 kernel (shouldn't be a problem) and release the driver to the impatient world.


    The dark picture..The picture is also interlaced, I'm working on an apropriate filter to get a "real" 352x288 picture

    Update !! (04/21/2004)

    Finally managed to get some time to clean up the code and create a patch..So here it is !

    Update !! (05/13/2004)

    I joined the sonix sourceforge team on their effort to support sonix based webcam. So now, the code can be found on the CVS.

    By the way, I fixed the interpolation algorithm and a bug in the data parser. The pictures are now brighter:

    Me...one more time

    The driver

    The driver is here. It is a patch against the linux 2.6.4 kernel. It is released under the GPL (blah blah ...no warranty...). It uses the usbvideo module.

    You should check the Sonix project CVS page.


    Installation Instructions

  • Download the latest patch
  • go to your linux source directory
    # cd /usr/src/linux-2.6.5
  • patch your kernel
    # gunzip -dc path/to/downloaded/patch-sonixcam.diff.gz | patch -p1 
  • Configure your kernel and enable the sonixcam Module in
    Device Drivers -> USB support -> USB Sonix based Webcam support 
  • Compile your kernel
    # make
  • Install the modules and your kernel
  • Bugs

    A lot...


  • The sonix sourceforge page
  • Another sn9c101 based webcam stuff (but for NetBSD ) (thanks for linking me back)

    You can mail me here. I am waiting for your feedback/suggestions (concerning the driver or/and my english).

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